Where to Buy SARMs From?

Many, many people are asking what products I would recommend. So I took to my favourite communities and surveyed as many people as I could to reveal which brands are offering the best products at the best price. This article provides details and information based on survey data and my own research – please do your own research as well before buying! If you’re not familiar with SARMs I recommend the beginners guide to get started.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • Key findings from the research
  • How the conclusions were drawn
  • Where you can buy products that are suited to your goals
  • Which products are the best value for money based on weight
  • Where you can buy quality products from if you’re based in the UK/Europe and the US

I started SARMs Online with one simple aim in mind – to raise awareness of the risks involved with the performance enhancers, Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators. It seems, however, that the majority of those who are interested in SARMs still aren’t sure of reputable sources and many rely on word of mouth.

I’ve been fucked over by shoddy quality products in the past – this led to almost full androgen shutdown. I felt like utter shit, depressed and didn’t want to do anything. I couldn’t find anything to appreciate about the things I enjoyed anymore. If it wasn’t for an experienced gym goer who spotted the symptoms and intervened, things could have become dangerous.

I’m here to pass that favour on and help as many people as I can with the content I produce. (If you’re not sure what SARMs are, please check out the SARMs beginner guide now). This article is for those who may feel overwhelmed by the vast amount of products out there or aren’t sure where to start.

Key Findings

  • 25% of respondents said they would not purchase SARMs from the same supplier again – do your research first!
  • For US users, Geo Peptides or IRC.Bio has a range of effective products including LGD-4033, Andarine and Ostarine that received consistently positive feedback with a reasonable price tag and free domestic shipping.
  • For UK/European users, Peak Body’s Ostarine and Andarine are my personal recommendations based on their consistently positive feedback and very low price. If you’re after LGD-4033, I’d suggest IRC.bio also, as they have low international shipping costs.

The Study

I set out to research as much as I could about product quality. I surveyed over 100 users and asked for their thoughts and feedback on the product they had bought. I then went a little further and researched each brand myself and checked whether or not a product is lab-tested and reviewed the price.

Respondents who did not train regularly or hit their macronutrient targets were omitted.

The results were surprising. I expected most people to buy their SARMs from a recommendation; however, most people search for their products on Google. Some brand names I expected to see that weren’t mentioned at all and other lesser known brands made me appreciate how many players there are in the SARMs circuit these days… So, no wonder people are getting confused.

25% of respondents said they would not purchase SARMs from the same supplier again.

Each product has been scored based on the accumulative feedback scores from users. The survey asked users to score the benefits (improvement to strength, the rate of fat-loss), and the side effects, (the suppression experienced and water retention) out of 100 with the option to provide open-ended responses, and reoccurring ones made it into the table of results.

What is suppression and why is it a risk?

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In an attempt to remove some extraneous variables, the survey also included the questions that helped correlate the experience with the use of SARMs…

  • How often do you hit your macronutrient target?
  • How many days you weight train in a week?

Those who trained less than two days a week were omitted from the results and those who did not hit their macros at least every other day were out too. Fortunately, this still left us with a significant amount of people out of the initial sample.

Limitations include but are not limited to, brand bias, subjective interpretation of the questions answers and lack of contextual information (medical background and health) of the respondents – please take the results with a pinch of salt and continue to research!

Too long didn’t read it…

This survey asked users to give their feedback on the products they had bought. They scored the experience out of 100 and explained why they gave their answers. After scoring, the research I did was to compile all the prices and to find out whether products are quality assured.

The Brands Included and Omitted

These results are from the survey conducted and may not be a reflection on actual product quality. The details contained hereafter are the survey respondents who took part. The presentation of data is presented with no bias or interpretation – except for my personal recommendation at the end of the article.

The products that were listed in the survey

  • IRC.bio – LGD-4033 / Ostarine
  • Ceretropic.com – LGD-4033 – no longer supplies SARMs
  • Enhanced Athlete LGD-4033 / RAD140 / MK667
  • Peak Body Ostarine / Andarine
  • SavageLineLabs LGD-4033
  • Geo Peptides LGD-4033
  • Olympus Labs MK677
  • Nootropic Source LGD-4033
  • SARMSX Ostarine
  • SARMs1 LGD-4033
  • Hard Rock Supplements Ostarine / LGD-4033

Brands omitted from being reviewed due to lack of responses

  • Chem Tek Labs LGD-4033 / RAD140
  • Genetix XLG LGD-3303
  • Receptorchem Research SARMs RAD140

The Findings

What’s the best for strength and/or fat loss?

The top five products for strength building that appeared in this survey are:

  • Geo Peptides, LGD-4033 – 91/100
  • Peak Body, Ostarine – 87/100
  • IRC.bio, Andarine – 85/100
  • HardRock Supplements, Andarine – 80/100
  • SavageLineLabs, LGD-4033 – 77/100

The top five products for fat loss that appeared in this survey are: 

  • Peak Body, Andarine – 84/100
  • IRC.bio, Andarine – 80/100
  • Peak Body, Ostarine – 79/100
  • Nootropics, LGD-4033 – 65/100
  • IRC.bio, Ostarine – 55/100

What’s the best value for money?

Next, I looked at the price of the product. The results have been broken down into the price of shipped product and price per gram. For convenience, the prices are in USD and GBP which were accurate as of 06/04/17.

Lowest price of shipped product* that scored higher than 80 for strength or fat loss

  • IRC.Bio, Andarine – $60 / £48.05
  • Geo Peptides, LGD-4033 – $56.05 / £44.89
  • Peak Body, Andarine – $49.89 / £39.95
  • Peak Body, Ostarine – $49.89 / £39.95

*price of actual product bought

The products that are the best value for money (highest user feedback and lowest price per gram)

  • Peak Body, Ostarine (capsule) – $49.89/£39.95 per gram
  • IRC.Bio, Andarine (liquid) – $40.01/£32.03 per gram
  • IRC.Bio, Ostarine (liquid) – $40.01/£44.48 per gram
  • Peak Body, Andarine (capsule) – $39.92/£31.96 per gram
  • Nootropics, LGD-4033 (raw powder) – $29.96/£23.98 per gram


To finish up, here is the information you need in one handy table.

How to use this table – because there are so many columns you will need to scroll horizontally. Use the search function to find a particular brand or type a specific SARM e.g. “Andarine” or use the sort option to sort the columns in ascending or descending order.

SARMs Brand Quality Research table

Brand (SARM)StrengthFat LossSuppressionWater RetentionVolume of Shipped Product (g)Price of Product (USD)Price of Product (GBP)Price Per Gram (USD)Price Per Gram (GBP)Lab tested?Take again?Other Reported BenefitsOther Reported Sides
858029311.5$60£48.05$40.01£32.03YesYesBetter definition
Peak Body
877940271$49.89£39.95$49.89£39.95YesYesFast recoveryHeadaches
Peak Body
718430201.25$49.89£39.95$39.92£31.96YesYesIncreased defintionYellow tint
67352501.5$159.49£127.72$106.36£85.14NoYesLess joint painMood swings
Enhanced Athlete
355055300.6$99.99£80.08$166.72£133.46YesNoDifficulty falling asleep and vivid dreams
77508050.3$127.99£102.50$426.80£341.66NoYesSevere suppression
Hard Rock Supplements
805020790.9$64.90£51.97$72.13£57.74NoNoIncreased well beingVision impairment
556545351$29.95£23.98$29.96£23.98YesYesIncreased staminaAcne
Enhanced Athlete
653045410.3$55.00£44.05$183.38£146.80YesYesBetter definitionDepression and mood swings
Geo Peptides
911268350.3$56.05£44.89$186.92£149.63YesYesIncreased muscle pumpsTesticular atrophy
SavageLine Labs
80060200.67$109.99£88.08$149.30£119.52NoYesTrouble sleeping
Olympus Labs
00001.26$87.38£69.98$69.37£55.53NoNoNo benefits what so ever
00000.9$99.95£80.04$111.09£88.93NoNoHad to quit due to heart palpatations

My Personal Recommendation…

Despite the limitations of the study, this research provides an insight into users and their experience with popular SARMs from various brands. The data in this article should only form part of your research. If you’re a beginner to the world of SARMs, read the SARMs beginners guide now.

Products I would personally recommend based on this research as well as from my own experience… (clicking any of the links opens in a new tab!)

Despite users reporting its high suppression and its expensive price tag, Geo Peptide’s LGD-4033 had some of the most consistent feedback in terms of strength with users reporting their ability to maintain the improved strength after their cycle. Suitable for those looking to increase size and strength with access to decent PCT products. With free domestic shipping in the states its hard not to suggest this as my top recommendation for LGD-4033.

A brand that has been supplying products for over 20 years. It had great reviews for both strength improvement and fat-loss with little suppression as well as having one of the lowest price tags for Ostarine I’ve ever seen. With free domestic delivery in the UK and cheap shipping to Europe, I would encourage you to check these out. Avoid at all costs if you’re based in the US however, as shipping is a whopping $58 – suitable for those looking to build some serious lean muscle or for those new to SARMs (or those that prefer capsules over injecting/consuming liquid).

IRC.bio are one of the leaders of performance enhancers online. There was a lot of love for this brand in the survey results, and it’s obvious why – moderate suppression, free domestic shipping, reasonable price tag and an incredible review for both strength and fat-loss. If you can handle temporary vision impairment, this one is definitely for you! – Suitable for those looking to increase serious definition.

Hopefully, this article has helped inform a decision on what SARMs to buy – please fire me an email on what you’d like to see next or leave a comment below!

Not sure which SARM you need? Read the comparison here with data-driven conclusions.